Belfast Crumlin Road Gaol & Peace Wall Tour 

Crumlin Road Gaol

The Crumlin Road Gaol dates back to 1845 and closed its doors as a working prison in 1996. After extensive renovations the gaol has re opened as a visitor attraction and conference centre.

Today you can take a guided tour of the prison and hear about the history of the site from when women and children were held within its walls through to the political segregation of republican and loyalist prisoners and learn about why the decision was taken to close the prison.

During the tour of the gaol you will be taken by your tour guide to visit the underground tunnel that used to connect the gaol to the Crumlin Road Courthouse, you will get a chance to sit in the Governor’s chair, view all the wings from the circle and of course pay a visit to the condemned mans cell before seeing the execution cell where the majority of the 17 men were hanged.

Belfast Peace Walls

The first peace lines were built in 1969, following the outbreak of the 1969 Northern Ireland riots and the Troubles. They were built as temporary structures meant to last only six months, but due to their effective nature they have become wider, longer and more permanent. Originally few in number, they have multiplied over the years, from 18 in the early 1990s to at least 59 as of late 2017; in total they stretch over 21 miles (34 km), with most located in Belfast. They have been increased in both height and number since the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. Three-quarters of Belfast's estimated 99 peace lines and related structures (such as gates and closed roads) are in the north and west of the city. These are also the poorer and more disadvantaged areas of Belfast. 67% of deaths during the sectarian violence occurred within 550 yards (500 metres) of one of these "interface structures".

Crumlin Road Gaol Visitor Attraction and Conference Centre - 53-55 Crumlin Rd, Belfast BT14 6ST, UK
8:30am - Depart Dublin Georges Quay
Arrive - Crumlim Road Goal, Full guided tour
12:15pm - Depart Guided Black Taxi Peace Wall Tour
2:15pm - Free Time In Belfast 
3.:30pm (Sat & Sun @ 6:00pm) - Depart Donegall Square West (Side of City Hall)
5:30pm (Sat & Sun @19:30) - Arrive Back in Dublin

8:30am - Depart Dublin Georges Quay

5:30pm (Sat & Sun @7:30pm) - Arrive Back in Dublin

Suitable outdoor clothing and footwear.

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